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Business Continuity Consultancy

Business Continuity Planning is a vital part of ensuring your business can operate in the event of any disaster or emergency that means your premises becomes inhabitable.

Invoking of the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is possible due to many different factors. Natural disasters such as Flood, Fire, Earthquakes; or man manned disasters, be it through negligence or acts of terror.

A BCP is how, in the immediate aftermath of, a situation is dealt with. Alternative locations of deployment, emergency procedures and availability of equipment to enable operations to continue. Coupled with the Security Disaster Recovery Plan, the BCP is critical to the ability of business to continue as normal as possible throughout the duration.

In this aspect Saber Guards & Security Services will help with a full review of the Emergency Evacuation plan and the ability to have Muster points at different distances from premises based upon situations and the requirement to evacuate. Working with the Ministry of Interior and Civil Defense Saber Guards & Security Services will provide all the support your business needs.